5 Ways to Support the Creative Industry Post-Pandemic

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Here at Big Creative Education, we love supporting the creative sectors. Did you know that before the pandemic in 2019, the creative industry contributed £115.9 billion to the UK’s economy? This accounts for 5.9% of the nation’s overall GDP.

So what happened when the pandemic hit? It dropped significantly. With hundreds of events, creative organisations and artists struggling to make ends meet, it is now more important than ever to support the creative industry.

In this blog, students on our Music Events Management course share their top five tips for supporting the rebuilding of our beloved creative industry.


1. Keep buying tickets!

We know that this seems like an obvious one and we also understand that the cost of living has gone up, but we encourage you to keep buying tickets for events. Consider purchasing your way in nice and early. Early bird tickets are often available for events and are usually significantly less expensive.

Most of the big festivals allow you to pay in instalments too, so if you really want to go you can spread the cost over a few pay days. Just remember, there is only a limited amount of these available, so be sure to get yours well in advanced to avoid the higher prices.

Interestingly, people usually wait until three quarters of the line-up is announced before snapping up their ticket. By then, the early birds are often gone! 


2. Look out for re-sales and ticket swaps

So, let’s imagine you’ve missed out on tickets because you were too late. Well don’t worry, there is still hope as there are many platforms where you can safely and legally buy and sell tickets. We encourage you to look at these platforms, but be sure to check the events resale policy, usually found on their website.

Also, don’t forget to put feelers out there on your social media. There’s always a chance that a friend or a mutual who is into the same music might be selling a ticket or know where to get them from.


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3. Respect The Rules

This might seem obvious, but bad behaviour at festivals requires a lot of energy and resources. For example, fighting or simply being rude to staff can discourage people from attending further events. Remember, the staff are there for your safety and to ensure you have fun. Respecting them goes a long way. 


4. Write to your local MP & the press

This one is more for those that actually run events. Don’t be afraid to write to your local MP and explain how the pandemic has affected your business. The more people do this, the more impact we make. Hopefully, that can prompt change. If you’re not sure how to, we have provided a link to the parliament page here.

Remember to also share this with your colleges, friends and family. Encourage them to do the same! Additionally, get active on social media. Twitter is a great platform to tag journalists and other events companies in. Tell your story, and don’t be afraid to get positively personal!


5. Don’t ask for a guest list entry

You might know someone that works in the events company or a DJ or band that’s playing. Don’t ask them for a guest list entry! First, this might jeopardise your relationship with them. Second, it’s better to show support and just buy a ticket.

Remember, artists and events companies rely on cash for the sustainability of their business. It also puts dinner on their table. So if everyone asked for guest list tickets there would be no event in the first place.



So that’s it, five tips to help support the creative industry! Remember to show your support in all the ways we have said. Do this, and we shall forever be dancing together at the events we cherish and love.

For more information and to see what else we discuss around the creative industries, check out the Big Creative Education blog.

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