Celebrating black success (short film)

By 3rd March 2021 May 16th, 2022 Big Creative Academy, Big Creative Education, Media, News

A short film about the importance of equality and diversity at Big Creative Academy.

Celebrating black success is very important to Big Creative Academy especially given recent global events. The events of last Summer sparked action and highlighted a need to acknowledge racial disparities not only in America but worldwide. Working at such a diverse Academy it was important to acknowledge this but also to look forward and create change.

The purpose of this documentary was to allow a space for young people of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in black history and culture. To explore what identity means to them and express this through creativity. The aim was to share our identities with one another to emphasise and celebrate our differences and similarities. Ultimately to create a space for celebration and joy, acknowledging the impact black success and culture has had in the UK and will continue to have in the future. 

Produced by Sacha Corcoran, Charlotte Perchard & Martin Irwin.