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About Traineeships

A Traineeship is a skills development programme designed to prepare young people with the tools and experience to progress onto an apprenticeship, internship, further education or full-time work.

How does it work?

BCE Traineeships consist of 3-4 elements

  1. Work Experience Placement 
  2. Vocational learning (trainees will have the opportunity to complete various short adult learning courses  which align with their careers aspirations/interests)
  3. Work Preparation Training (trainees will further enhance their employability by learning and completing various tasks; networking, interpersonal skills and creative CVs/portfolios to name a few
  4. Maths and English Functional Skills (trainees who have not achieved a grade 4/C or above in English and Maths will be required to study towards a functional skills qualification in these areas)


  • 16-18 (19-year-olds are acceptable if they were 18 on or after 31st July 2023. We can also accept candidates up to 24 years old if they have an EHCP)
  • Must not possess qualifications above level 3 
  • Must not be in education or full-time work 
  • Be willing to commit to all elements of the traineeship 
  • Be willing to commit to a 6-12 month programme

Progression Opportunities

  • Apprenticeships 
  • Further Education 
  • Internships 
  • Work Experience 
  • Entry-level Roles

How to apply

  1. Choose the vacancy/vacancies you’re interested in
  2. Click the apply now button and fill out an application form
  3. Our Traineeship Co-ordinator will then contact you to discuss your application
  4. You will then be invited for an online or face-to-face traineeship session where you will be able to find out more about traineeships, and ask any other questions you may have. You will also be set a task to complete
  5. Once we have received your eligibility documents and task, your CV and cover letter will be sent to the employer(s) to review
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Information for Employers

Traineeships are an excellent way for employers to develop their talent pipeline.
A well-structured traineeship with BCT will allow you to explore working with younger talent and help them to become valuable assets to your business.
Employers can benefit from having a youth perspective, product steering group or bringing an outsourced skill-set, in-house.
Identify those who are willing to go the extra mile in helping you achieve your business aims by hiring a trainee.
With just expenses to cover, it’s a straightforward approach to supercharging your team, whilst developing a young person’s career prospects.
Access hard to reach talent and support future leaders of your industry!

Trainees will have a workplace coach to: 

  • Support trainee(s) with work progress 
  • Support employers to get the most from trainee(s)
  • Measure work performance against ILP (individual learning plan) targets

100% Progression rate for 2019/2020 trainees

From the moment I joined BCE, I had immense support from Sabrei and Trevor. They listened to my future goals and ensured that I was paired to the right traineeship. On my first day doing a traineeship at Social Disruption I immediately knew this is where I wanted to grow in; a place where I am able to channel my inner creativity and express myself through visual imagery all for a great cause of driving diversity in a niche industry. I greatly enjoy working with our network of changemakers and I'm so happy Shannon allowed me to thrive in her company! I wouldn't change it for the world. All thanks to my BCE family.

KaliyahSocial Media and Content Trainee, 2023

My time at the BCE and Social disruption helped me build up my skills and knowledge of marketing. I learnt how to come up with creative concepts and initiate them in posts and event planning. I have now got experience in the marketing field, so I am grateful for the BCE and Social Disruption teams for this opportunity to learn about the world of marketing.

ArmaniSocial Media and Content Trainee, 2023

During my traineeship work preparation training, I learned efficient cover letter and resume writing techniques; tips for creating creative resumes, how to construct a portfolio, how to interact with other people the proper way and how to conduct yourself at work. Through vocational training, I acquired new abilities and learnt how to use them for my career path. The setting and people were friendly.

Since I didn't get the grades to do a Level 3 at College, I decided to do a traineeship, I was pleased I got the traineeship. My work experience placement role was a Concept Artist at Mayamada, where I received a lot of knowledge and experience. Everyone there was amiable and pleasant to chat to. With my work preparation training, I'm hoping that my experience in a traineeship will help me get a decent job. Traineeships offer opportunities to develop new skills, connect with others, and further one's career. I'm grateful, BCE.

RejwanaConcept Artist Trainee, Mayamada, 2023

My traineeship taught me more than I can imagine. My main role was content and marketing, which I improved on through lots of support and feedback from the team. However, I got thrown in to lots of aspects of the company such as planning events, admin and creating presentations. The most positive element of my traineeship was the way that my confidence grew, with the support and patience of the team I got to grow and learn so many more skills, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity.

TashMakeda Makes Content & Marketing Trainee, 2022

I began looking for Apprenticeships. I was inexperienced and didn’t have much luck getting into one, so I applied for a Traineeship with Big Creative Education I can honestly say, that it was the best decision I made. I did my work placement with Shannon and Social Disruption and I’ve learnt so many new skills from that, skills I use today. The Employability training was more than outstanding! During all of it, BCE helped me develop my confidence, my experience and my skills. In the end, I found an Apprenticeship. I am forever grateful, thank you BCE!

IshakDigital Communications Trainee, Social Disruption 2021

After days of applying for different Apprenticeships, I lost motivation and hope. I then researched what a Traineeship is and checked out the different Traineeships on the BCE site. It was this moment my life was about to change for the best without me knowing at the time. My time at Multitap was incredible. The online courses and employability training sessions were very helpful. I can honestly say I’m a more upgraded version of myself compared to me 6 months back. I definitely have the skills and necessary experience to do an Apprenticeship. Traineeships are very underrated!

Jathniel BeiGaming Hub Assistant Trainee, Multitap Gaming Hub 2021

Big Creative Education has been amazing to work with and exceeded expectations of working with a training provider. The BCE team have not only provided support to the Trainees throughout their work placement but have been incredibly helpful to Social Disruption as a start-up business by providing a desk space at Creative Works. We are delighted to hire our first Apprentice who worked with us as a Trainee in 2021 and look forward to collaborating with BCE in the future to provide experiences for upcoming creative talent.

Shannon WalkerTraineeship Employer, Social Disruption

I’m grateful for this traineeship as it has allowed me to make new friends and connections. It has also given me an insight into my future (career wise), so having this experience made me realise I enjoy what I have a passion for i.e. events, social media and marketing.

ShilpyRadio Production & Events Trainee, Crate St James Street & Deja Vu Fm 2020

After completing the traineeship, I can say confidently that I gained significant skills and knowledge that will give me a competitive edge in my chosen field. Without Shannon at Social Disruption and the BCE staff, I would not have been able to do it.

Emmanuella NsavataDigital Communications Trainee, Social Disruption 2021

I recently completed a Digital Communications Traineeship with Big Creative Education and Social Disruption, which definitely helped me understand the different paths available to me, moving forward. My aim for the end of the traineeship was to hopefully get a level 3 apprenticeship in this field which I have achieved. I would certainly recommend a traineeship with BCE to anyone who is trying to get into the creative field!

CharlotteDigital Communications Trainee, Social Disruption 2021

I have a better understanding of what roles I would like to pursue in the future. I developed my copywriting skills, gained knowledge and experience about creating content for Instagram and I also learnt how to plan, curate and manage events.

AndreeaRadio Production & Events Trainee, Crate St James Street & Deja Vu Fm 2020

Working with BCE to get our 2 trainees at MakedaMakes was a pleasure! They ensured we had suitable candidates for the roles we were advertising and was pleased with the support we got on their end as first time employers. Our trainees are leaving more prepared and with a better outlook on where they want to go with their creative careers, we look forward to working with them again.

MakedaCEO/Founder, MakedaMakes

I enjoyed experiencing the different work environments and being exposed to the different roles.

JahsiahRadio Production & Events Trainee, Crate St James Street & Deja Vu Fm 2020

I now have more work to add to my portfolio and showreel to present to future employers. I also
gained lots of experience in a professional environment and new skills in video editing.

MaxRadio Production & Events Trainee, Crate St James Street & Deja Vu Fm 2020