Level 4 Music PR & Comms Apprenticeship

As a music PR & comms apprentice, you’ll learn how the music industry works and how to support various aspects of music business operations.

You’ll learn how to coordinate music events, work with artists and music labels, and manage contracts and financial arrangements.

Apprenticeship details


15 Months


Free (no debt!)






Those who want to start their career in the music industry and want a general understanding of how to promote artists through PR and marketing.



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What will you learn on the Music PR & Comms Apprenticeship?

You’ll learn how to develop and implement PR campaigns for musicians and their work.

Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of PR dynamics within the music sector. They’ll delve into the creation and management of PR campaigns, the influence of media and current affairs on PR communications, and the development of communication strategies, including crisis management.

Additionally, students will gain hands-on experience with digital PR techniques, content production, campaign evaluation, and the integration of influencers, ensuring they’re adept at both the theoretical and practical aspects of PR in the music industry.

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What is a creative apprenticeship?

80% of your time will be spent at a work placement with a leading creative business

20% of your time will be spent in the classroom or attending “off-the-job” training

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Industry Masterclasses

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1:1 Tutorials

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What is covered on the Music PR & Comms Apprenticeship?

Visit this factsheet from the institute of apprenticeships to learn more about this qualification.

  • PR fundamentals 
  • Introduction to PR in the Music Industry
  • Examples of PR campaigns
  • Understand the effect of PR on customers
  • Identify target audiences
  • Media & Current Affairs and how they affect internal & external comms
  • Understand how a PR brief is structured
  • Learn how to create and implement a PR strategy
  • Learn what to do in terms of a PR crisis
  • Develop your own crisis management plan for a business
  • Learn methodologies for managing PR campaigns
  • Learn how to mange internal and external teams
  • Learn PR and communication objectives
  • Tactical targets and PR strategies
  • Digital PR techniques
  • Search Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reporting on Campaigns
  • Using analytics tools effectively
  • Importance of metrics
  • Evaluate campaign performance using qualitative data and quantative data from primary & secondary soruces
  • Content production including rich media
  • Produce press releases
  • Produce social media content
  • Leveraging Influencers
  • Digital platforms used in PR to distribute content
  • Relationship building
  • Manage a PR campaign from start to finish
  • Report on campaign performance
  • Learn key processes in campaign management

What do I need to do once I finish the online learning

After the 12 month tutorial sessions you’ll be required to submit material to pass your EPA. You will then need to complete a project proposal and gateway review form.

  • Apprentices complete a multiple-choice test online. The test contains 30 questions, with 4 possible answers each. Apprentices will have 1 hour to complete the test. The test will be invigilated and recorded.
  • The apprentice will carry out a real project for their employer, with the aim to increase awareness and interest in, or on behalf of, a
    client. Apprentices will submit a 2500 word report on their project, then give a 10-minute presentation followed by 25-minute questioning with an assessor.
  • Projects and evidence now submitted, you’ll now be assessed and results will be sent back to you.

See how Tamuka’s apprenticeship secured him a job at ITN

Tamuka studied a Digital Media Apprenticeship with ITN. They were so impressed with his work it lead to a full-time role as a Cameraman for ITV London. He worked four days at ITN studios and one day at college to gain his qualification.
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James is the director and founder of Bark. PR, a Music Press and Radio company based in London and runs niche new London-based Record Label and Management company called Silent Kid Records, focusing on Digital and Vinyl releases.

James Barker

Music PR Tutor

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As a work coach for apprentices, I take great pride in my job knowing that I am helping to shape the future of the industry and the professionals in it.

Jamie Marriott

Work Coach

Am I Eligible?



years of age to be able to apply to an apprenticeship

English & Maths


Grade or above (or functional skills level 2) in English & Maths to qualify,

I don’t have 5 GCSE’s but I still want to apply


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