Level 3 Music Data Technician Apprenticeship

The Data Technician Apprenticeship Level 3 offers a specialized journey into the world of data within the music industry. 

Designed for those keen to merge a passion for music with data-driven insights, this course delves deep into the intricacies of data collection, preparation, analysis, and presentation tailored to the music sector.

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15 Months


Free (no debt!)






Individuals passionate about the music industry who seek to harness the power of data-driven insights and analytics should enroll in this course.



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What will you learn on the Music Data Apprenticeship?

You’ll learn how to analyse and present data, allowing the business to develop strategies for musicians and their work.

The Data Technician Apprenticeship Level 3 is a meticulously crafted course tailored for those eager to delve into the intersection of data and the music industry. Spanning four comprehensive modules, students will embark on a journey from understanding the foundational structures of the music world to mastering the intricacies of data collection, preparation, and analysis. 

The curriculum offers hands-on experience with tools like Excel, insights into Digital Streaming Platforms, and the art of visualizing and presenting data to stakeholders. With a keen focus on real-world applications, such as A&R analytics and the evolving role of data in music, this apprenticeship equips learners with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, setting them up for a successful career in the data-driven music sector.

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What is covered on the Music Data Technician Apprenticeship?

Visit this factsheet from the institute of apprenticeships to learn more about this qualification.

  • Knowledge: Introduction to the music industry’s structure, data collection methods, and the significance of data in the sector.
  • Skills: Basics of Excel, data set identification, secure data collection, data blending and extraction, and effective communication tailored to the music industry.
  • Knowledge: Insights into the music market, data storage fundamentals, presentation of data for analysis, report writing standards in the music industry, and data security protocols.
  • Skills: Secure data storage and management, data cleaning and formatting, industry-standard communication, and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Knowledge: Overview of Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs) and social media algorithms, basic statistical methods, understanding of structured and unstructured data sets, data modeling techniques using music data, and legalities surrounding data in the music industry.
  • Skills: Advanced Excel techniques, simple data modeling, data visualization and dashboard creation, data result interpretation, complex data analysis, and collaboration with various internal stakeholders.
  • Knowledge: Introduction to A&R Analytics, identification of data quality issues, validation of basic data analysis results, and the prospective influence of data on the music industry’s future.
  • Skills: Data validation and report creation for specific audiences, fault detection in data, comprehensive presentation of data processing stages, and understanding the maintenance, storage, and distribution of data in line with legal and regulatory requirements.

What do I need to do once I finish the online learning

After the 12 month tutorial sessions you’ll be required to submit material to pass your EPA.

  • The apprentice is given 2 scenarios complete with a data set. They are then given tasks to complete, whilst being observed by an assessor. 45 minutes are given for each scenario.

  • A portfolio of evidence is submitted at gateway. The discussion then takes place as a video call between the apprentice and assessor, lasting 60 minutes.

  • Your submission will be turned in to the assessment provider and reviewed until feedback is ready for you to reflect upon. 

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Tamuka studied a Digital Media Apprenticeship with ITN. They were so impressed with his work it lead to a full-time role as a Cameraman for ITV London. He worked four days at ITN studios and one day at college to gain his qualification.
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Course designed by Dewayne Ector

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With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, Dewayne is recognized as an expert on the dynamic and complex global music royalties landscape. He previously led partner relations and income tracking for Downtown subsidiary Songtrust®. He’s also previously held leadership roles at the digital mechanical and performing rights society AMRA, as well as PRS for Music in the U.K. Dewayne began his career working as a producer and studio engineer across the U.S. and the Caribbean before working his way up the ranks on the business side of the music industry

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