Our Intent at BCA is to build a culture of collaboration and experimentation modelled on the work of the Bauhaus movement. By staff modelling these behaviours in the teaching and curriculum design, we will be able to develop talent that can aspire and gain sustained employment within the sector.

By building and expansive learning community we aim to continually improve and sustain excellence to achieve and outstanding OfSTED grade.

We also intend to extend our provision to Level 4 and HE to promote alternative progression avenues for current students and grow our offer to meet the needs of our community and stakeholders.

By being learner responsive and industry driven, we are continually fine tuning our curriculum to meet the needs of our cohort and stakeholders through a culture of research, collaboration and development.

By sequencing an efficient and challenging curriculum we aim to produce trainees that can lead and thrive within the Creative Sector.

  • Research new developments
  • Experiment and collaborate
  • Reflect and Refine

We aim to support and coach staff to deliver excellence in the classroom with consistency, coupled with targeted industry experiences where BCA learners will be able to make a positive contribution to the economic success and growth of the region.

The impact of building an ambitious culture coupled with inquisitive reflective staff and students alike, will lead to a culture of future thinking leaders in the creative sector. In creating creatives, we aim to build a centre of excellence for our community that provides progression routes and opportunities for personal growth. Key performance indicators will include:

  • OfSTED Grade 1
  • Outstanding Attendance and Punctuality
  • Outstanding Learner Feedback
  • Outstanding ‘Value Added’ data
  • 95% positive related progression

Through our ongoing commitment to young people from diverse backgrounds and disadvantaged communities in Waltham Forest and across London, we will provide and seek opportunities that lead to a clear line of sight to work for our students.


Cyrus Armstrong Jamesual - Big Creative Education

Director of Curriculum