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Dear students, 

CC /Parents Carers

I apologise for writing to you at such short notice given that the start of the new term is tomorrow. I also apologise that I am currently unable to give the certainty of a definitive plan for the coming weeks. However, I think it important to openly share the current situation with you.

On Wednesday 30th December the government announced that secondary schools and colleges in tier 4 would be instructed to undertake online learning with their students for the first 2 weeks of the term. These areas, were identified within he DfE’s “Contingency Framework” and included Waltham Forest where we are based.

The academy team have met today to review these changes and we have agreed the following

The week of the 4th January:


  • Today Nick/Kenya from our SEND team will call all vulnerable students to see if any of you want to come on site during the closure for support with your learning.


Tthis will be a pastoral day for all students, staff will call their tutees, conduct a one to one, set targets for this half term, log it on FROG with the agreed outcomes.

  • Students will complete the wellbeing task set by Sacha Farley also uploaded to FROG.
  • Students will be updated on the plans for the next 2 weeks and what coursework needs to be completed.


  • Year 12 students will have online learning, a mixture of live classes and set work


  • Year 13 students have online learning with a mixture of live classes and set work.

Maths and English will be delivered on Wednesday and Thursday as timetabled and students will be informed what times all live lessons are taking place tomorrow.

The week of the 11the January

Students will revert back to their bubbles with an an online timetable that all students will receive sent via FROG on Friday 8th for the whole week including maths and English and wellbeing.

The week of the 18th January

The Academy plan is for all students to return, staggered for COVID testing to take place – further information will be sent early next week to students and parents about this. This will not be compulsory but will be recommended in order for us to keep students and staff safe.

This return is however subject to change should a full lock down be implemented, if this does happen we will continue with the online learning timetable.

The building currently remains open to staff to deliver from their classrooms as required and for support staff to be on site for vulnerable students. I can assure you we will continue to work carefully and to keep reviewing our procedures throughout 2021 to make the safety of everyone in our community our first priority.

Myself and the staff at the academy support the DfE’s view that consistency of learning is important for students, and we recognise that the relationships and routines associated with the academy support students wellbeing. We will endeavour to try to keep as much of that routine in place and ensure all students receive weekly calls with the teachers and support teams. Therefore, it is really important you attend your live lessons for both your own wellbeing and for your future progression. You must complete all the work set as this will form part of your final grades, and if we have to move to centre assessed grades will be very important in ensuring you receive the grade you deserve.

If you have any concerns about access to ICT, equipment or learning online please let your tutor know when they call you tomorrow.

I will be in touch again early next week to give you more information on the COVID testing process here at the academy.

I hope we can see you all very soon, please do take care, stay safe and if you need anything don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Sacha Corcoran

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