BCE Apprentice Employed by ITN

Former BCE Apprentice Tamuka has been offered a full time job at ITN studios!

We are celebrating our former Apprentice’s new job offer at ITN studios!

Tamuka studied on our Digital Media Apprenticeship with a placement as a cameraman at ITN, his apprenticeship consisted of four working days at ITN studios and one day at college to work towards his qualification. ITN Productions is one of the world’s leading news and multimedia content companies who create, package and distribute news, entertainment, factual, sports, commercials and corporate content on multiple platforms to customers around the globe including ITV News, Channel 4 and Channel 5 news. ITN were so impressed with Tamuka’s hard work and dedication to Media that they offered him a full-time role once he completed his course. Now, Tamuka is a Cameraman for ITV London, meaning he spends the day filming interviews and events across the City to be broadcasted for reports.

“My Apprenticeship helped push me further in my career by giving me an opportunity to learn from industry professionals. I use the skills that I learned on my Apprenticeship every day in my new role thanks to my Mentor at ITN. Having been raised in London, it’s amazing that I have the chance to see whats happening in my city and also film it for broadcast; this gives me a lot of pride.” – Tamuka, Former BCE Apprentice


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